Pour Nous new to our family

Pour Nous signing

Pepperbox founder Emma Bates together with Rickard Enfors a.k.a. Pour Nous.

We are thrilled to announce that the ever so talented artist Pour Nous is a new member in the Pepperbox family!

Pour Nous is a concept based on trying to recreate the environment and feelings you have in the space right between being asleep and awake. With your everyday tools and furniture, together with a guitar, xylophone and a machine park of pedals, sounds are created, processed and shaped into dreamy landscapes that, among others, brings our thought to the band Labradford or the beautiful film Paranoid Park.

Pour Nous Logo white

The name Pour Nous is French for ”For Us” but is meant to be for us all, yet still can be defines as a single group.

The 4th of November the EP Ship Breaking will be available at Spotify and other streaming services and digital stores. More info will follow shortly.

While you’re waiting, why not pop in at Pour Nous Instagram or press like on Facebook :)